UCT for Games and Beyond is an EPSRC-funded project jointly run by Imperial College London and the Universities of Essex and Bradford. The aim of this three year project (2010-2013) is to fully explore the MCTS algorithm and investigate its use in novel domains.

A list of publications arising from this project is available here.

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Imperial Team

EPSRC Grant EP/I001964/1 - £546,000

The Imperial team investigate the use of MCTS for procedural content generation in creative domains, including the analysis, optimisation and design of new games, music and artwork.

      PI:  Dr Simon Colton
    RA:  Dr Cameron Browne
  PhD:  Stephen Tavener

Essex Team

EPSRC Grant EP/H048588/1 - £471,000

The Essex team investigate the application of MCTS in continuous and real-time domains, such as the control of non-player characters in video games and robot movement planning.

      PI:  Prof. Simon Lucas
    RA:  Spyridon Samothrakis
  PhD:  Diego Perez

York Team

EPSRC Grant EP/H049061/1 - £465,000

The York team investigate non-deterministic applications of MCTS with particular emphasis on complex games such as "euro" board games and Magic: The Gathering.

      PI:  Prof. Peter Cowling
    RA:  Dr Edward Powley
  PhD:  Daniel Whitehouse

Industry Partners

Nestor Romeral Andres, Nestorgames Ltd, Spain.

Mark Morris, Introversion Software, UK.

Jeff Rollason, AI Factory, UK.

Project Partners

Yngvi Björnsson and Hilmar Finnsson, CADIA, Reykjavik University, Iceland.

AI & Games Research Network, London/Essex/Bradford.